Novela (que podia ser mexicana) com um número infindável de episódios e protagonistas a mais, vendida em pacotes económicos aos países do leste europeu. Enredo muito intrincado, malfeitores qb, doses exageradas de sacanices, facadas nas costas e muitas figurantes com língua de porteira. A única coisa que vale a pena no meio desta salganhada toda?! A protagonista, que interpreta este argumento sem mudar uma vírgula... ou não fosse isto a sua vida.

terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016

Take a deep breath

Between the new job, the gym, the coaching, the explorers-scouts-gymnastics taking and picking up, 1 teenager and 3/4 of another one,  1 demanding partner, 1 ever-so-helpful mom, 3 cats, 15 months to plan a wedding with the challenge of bringing down the guest list (150 is not my favourite number - never was, never will be).
... add the will to revive my cv/consulting business and also my crafts (why just one?! keep it interesting!!!). It's manic... I know.

But if I take a deep breath, put the volume up on the radio and close my eyes, I can still fell the warm and gentle breeze as if I'm still in Miami.

And that just brings me calm and inner peace, which is not something one can say it's abundant around here.

My life is manic. But it's also a party. So, a manic party really. And I wouldn't want it any other way.
I'll have that lie in when I die.

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