Novela (que podia ser mexicana) com um número infindável de episódios e protagonistas a mais, vendida em pacotes económicos aos países do leste europeu. Enredo muito intrincado, malfeitores qb, doses exageradas de sacanices, facadas nas costas e muitas figurantes com língua de porteira. A única coisa que vale a pena no meio desta salganhada toda?! A protagonista, que interpreta este argumento sem mudar uma vírgula... ou não fosse isto a sua vida.

quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

New kind of marketing (either that or the guy was crazy!)

My mobile rings. Normally I don’t answer calls while at work, but this time I did.

The nice guy on the other side is from Santander and wants me to buy an insurance policy. If he had call last year I wouldn’t even let him try to speak. But a year in this country made me more polite and understanding so I let him go for it.

As he describes the wonders of all the covers, 24h and all over the year I can’t stop thinking... keep talking, I’m so definitely not buying it.

All of a sudden he starts stating the compensation amounts for different injuries. “Please notice Ms Leal, you will receive £ 4,000 in the loss of a finger, £ 10,000 in the loss of a limb and £ 40,000 in the loss of your sight!!!”.... Hey! I didn’t ask that!!!! I really don’t wanna know that, ok????

And he kept going ... “And you know what? Your family can get up to £ 400,000 if you die, to help them on such a hard time!!!”

The surprise in his voice when I told him “Not interested!”??? Astonishing!!

What putted you off?!Oh, I don’t know... maybe your absolute lack of sensitivity???

Is this a new kind of marketing that I was completely unaware of?

Wow... Just give me a few moments while I go and cut one of my fingers off, ok? I’ll be back soon.

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